March 4, 2012


       These people were standing defiantly, Tiananmen Square-style, in front of this
       tram in peak hour on Elizabeth Street. They weren't going to move unless the
       driver would let them board. There used to be a tram stop at this intersection,
       but it was decommissioned after new ones had been built further up the road.
       My lane of traffic moved on before I got to see the outcome of the standoff.
       This is a daily occurrence on Royal Parade. The traffic heading to the right of the
       photo always has a few cars at the back that clog up the intersection, leaving the
       oncoming traffic with a green light but nowhere to move. Frustration ensues, etc.

       Beautiful old sky blue ute.

       West-bound on Johnston Street, Abbotsford, 6pm.

       I guess it pays to advertise.