December 30, 2011

       My friend Robert took James and I out to an abandoned brewery in Schöneweide.
       These pictures are all scanned with James' portable hand-scanner.

 My pal Theo's new tattoo.



       Jules at Flughafen Tempelhof.

       Collapsing at your doorstep.

       Bundesplatz S-Bhf.

       Ring Centre, Friedrichshain.

Schlesisches Tor U-Bhf.
       MF DOOM
       We went to see Victor Vaughan which was a bit of a disappointment.
       He came on late, and because of that there was an air of tension in the venue.
       A lot of people seemed to think he wouldn't show. When he did show, 
       there wasn't much of an entrance made. He pretty much cued up a beat and started
       rapping. It was good hearing his songs live, but from memory, it could've been

       Family Holiday, July, Part 4: Berlin

       It was good having mum here.
       I got to go to all the tourist attractions that I normally defer going to.

Mum got a haircut the day before she left.
I think it's one of the best she's had.
Thanks mum.
       Family Holiday, July, Part 3: Amsterdam

       We took a train from Paris to Amsterdam. The best way to travel.

What an hilarious car.


       We took a trip out to Volendam to see ye olde Dutch lifestyle.

       Mum got to catch up with a friend she hadn't seen in over twenty years.

       Living the life.

       The place that did the photos accidentally left a photo of another family on our cd.

       Lady bandages.

       It rained pretty much everyday we were in Amsterdam.

       Views from our canal tour.

       We tried some local delights.

       Went our friend Heidi's place in the 'burbs.
       Had a trippy time and admired rainbows.

 Jules saying farewell.

       This is the view we enjoyed for twenty minutes at the bus stop.
       I got some nice slippers.

       I also got this great mint.

       Then we headed back to Berlin.