April 17, 2012

April 13, 2012

       Lawn clippings.
       A spot of gardening at my mate Dan Fan's place.

       Lock up your daughters, it's the man himself.

       An air of enthusiasm was definitely being projected.

        This is the place next door which looked very peaceful in the morning light.

       Big and tasty, Monstera Deliciosa.

 Sweet Sonja.

 Before and after (front).

Before and after (rear).

       Jimbo (partially obscured by tree) kept us in hysterics with his tale about the
       Ficus pumila and the Agapanthus. We won't be forgetting that one in a hurry.

April 10, 2012

       Two for one.

       Whilst going through some old stuff at mum's place, I came across a roll of film
       with the leader hanging out perfectly like an unused roll. Judging by the graphic
       design of the cassette, I figured it'd be about fifteen years old. I decided to give it
       a go.

       When I got the film back, Joe the camera shop guy, said it had been exposed twice.
       The film had been originally shot in what I confidently assume to be 1996. Almost
       all of the photos were either of myself, my brother, my mother, all three, or a com-
       -bination of any two. You can see the images taken earlier this year melted together
       with the old ones, some of which feature gardens; a new tattoo of mine; bicycles;
       faces; traffic; and the small room one produces a semen sample in.

       The two photographs above (from 2012), taken by Sheenalee Sexton.

The two photographs above (from 2012), taken by Sheenalee Sexton.

April 3, 2012

 Cleaning stuff out at mum's.

 Sheena's folks' dogs, and Sheens.

       My old friend from high school, Bobby McKenzie, dropped into Melbourne for a
       holiday from his home in New York City.

       Dan and Saskia in their garden prior to them moving house.

       Plant-lover, Dan Price.

April 2, 2012

Jeppe with the works that comprised his show Boon At The Hand of Circumstance, which opened in Sydney on Australia Day. 

April 1, 2012


       A B-Triple going from the Broadmeadows Ford factory to the Geelong plant -
       the only route vehicles of this size are allowed to drive on in Victoria.

       On the road from Shepparton to Melbourne.

       A Cadillac on the streets of Caulfield North.

       Rain in South Yarra.