August 29, 2011

19-27 June

Part 2: Bilbao

       Smoke on the water.

       Thomas Hirschhorn's sweeto cave.

       One of Andres Serrano's lesser known works, Peace Christ.

Nice flats.

       St. George's English Academy, Bilbao.
       From what I can gather they only run night classes.

       Next stop San Sebastian.

August 28, 2011

19-27 June

Part 1: Barcelona

We slept through our flight which was a first for us both.
€340 later, we were on our way.

The first door on the right was where we lodged.
It's in the Gothic Quarter. Lots of tourists and shops.

       Saw some amazing Gaudis.

       Hooters seemed to be present at every turn.

       I liked the pattern on this building.

       I went to the market to get some snacks. This guy looked strikingly like
       DJ Harvey. And sure enough, it was him. Unheimlich!

       Here are some of the snacks from the market. Sensational.

       The Sea Shepherd was in town. 

       The beach was crowded. 

       You really couldn't have an accident in a more convenient place.

       I went to the last exhibition at H.N. Semjon's gallery, KioskShop berlin.
       Katja Kollowa's work, Special Guest, was a highlight.
       Saw a sensational show from Berlin-based trio Nouvelle Randonnee.


August 27, 2011

       The skies have been pretty grey for summer.

       And predictably, it's rained.

       Some bright frames at work though.

August 21, 2011

       Back at the lake.

       This time with our old housemates Manja, Tom, and their daughter Ada.

       The lap of luxury.

       On the way back to the station the pram had a bung wheel.
       Luckily we were helped out by the German Liam Neeson.

       And Sheenie found a feather.

       And some poor bastard lost their bike.
       Josh and Sari were in town. Top of the stairs at Ostkreuz.

       Summer rain. Sheens, Jules, Lucas Golding.

August 14, 2011

       Going to the lake with my brother and Sheenie.

       On the way to the station.

       Krumme Lanke.



       Jules and Sheens tuckered out.

       Leaving just the '89 Grand Final and me.