March 1, 2012

       Meredith Music Festival 2011.

 One of my all time best friends, and one half of the band Footy, Lewis Mulvey.

       Lewis and his girlfriend Suz went for a swim in this creek. When they returned to
       the campsite, Suz realised she must have dropped her watch. Being a gentleman,
       Lewis said he'd go and look for it. I went along for the ride.

       And here we are with the loot. We waltzed back in to the campsite to a standing
       ovation, and so began a night of celebration.

 Sheena's jacket and my knee.

       View from the throne.

       Starting line of the Meredith Gift.

       Dennis Cometti was the compere during and before The Gift, which pretty much
       made my weekend.

       Traffic on the way out.