February 14, 2012

       I was at Port Melbourne Beach in November with a few buddies, one of whom
       was telling a story of how another friend had gotten into a car accident that day.
       One of the buddies in our group at the beach was having trouble picturing the
       car accident, so I decided to draw him a diagram in the sand.
       As I was clearing a canvas in the sand with my hand, I felt a prick. I investigated
       the area and figured it must've just been a sharp shell or something. I looked at my
       right hand and saw a little bit of blood. I then noticed in the sand I had cleared was
       this discarded syringe (pictured above). Everyone let out a collective "uh-oh."
       My friend Ed asked his dad who's a doctor, and he said I needn't be worried. The
       likelihood of contracting anything is extremely low, especially seeing as though I
       didn't know whether I'd actually been pricked by this syringe, which it must be
       noted, didn't have its needle attached either.

       I did eventually manage to draw out the accident scene as my friend Tommy had
       described it, and Ed was able to understand the circumstances of the story.