June 21, 2012

       Boogie Festival #6 
       Tallarook, April 6-9, 2012.

       Hi-jinx en route to the festival. We almost found ourselves on the Hume back
       to Melbourne.

       Queuing. What an odd word.


       Olwen, Tori, interlopers from the north.

       Joshy Barker.

 Any doubts about the mental condition of Ash were cleared up when he began to roll imaginary lawn bowls into the festival crowd.

       She looks so good in the morning light.

       Her too.


       Kathy and Joce.

       Sweethearts Lewis and Sashi in front of a grand Moreton Bay Fig tree.

       Panoramic view of the homestead. Gags provided by Lucas and Tori.

       A good place for urine.

       This is Bowler trying to rouse his nighttime friend. Apparently he and a lucky lady
       retired together, only for her to immediately pass out, and midway through the
       night urinate on herself and Bowler. I've since started calling him 'Yuri'.

       Another good place for urine.

       A full moon at sunset. This is what happens when another person takes a photo
       with flash while you're taking a photo without.

       On for young and old.

       After becoming accustomed to magnetically making our way to the Taco Truck
       every time the munchies hit, we figured it be best to just go where it goed.