April 10, 2012

       Two for one.

       Whilst going through some old stuff at mum's place, I came across a roll of film
       with the leader hanging out perfectly like an unused roll. Judging by the graphic
       design of the cassette, I figured it'd be about fifteen years old. I decided to give it
       a go.

       When I got the film back, Joe the camera shop guy, said it had been exposed twice.
       The film had been originally shot in what I confidently assume to be 1996. Almost
       all of the photos were either of myself, my brother, my mother, all three, or a com-
       -bination of any two. You can see the images taken earlier this year melted together
       with the old ones, some of which feature gardens; a new tattoo of mine; bicycles;
       faces; traffic; and the small room one produces a semen sample in.

       The two photographs above (from 2012), taken by Sheenalee Sexton.

The two photographs above (from 2012), taken by Sheenalee Sexton.