January 2, 2012


       Usually I would ride my bike to work.

       But sometimes I take the train too.


       Conventional and unconventional framing.

 My pal Beny.

       Beny painted these with aplomb.

 Sometimes as lunch approaches, your mind starts to play tricks on you.

       Every day a crew of us would head to the Kantine at the Arbeitsamt.

       This day was a Friday, so fish was on the menu.
       You get a free tub of dessert on Fridays, but I got some pancakes as well.
       Not too bad for €7 or €8.

       Gobble gobble gobble.

       In the warmer months we get to walk on the roof.

       This day I got a bird's eye view of a bird's nest.

       Being on the fourth floor has its challenges.
       One of which is having to transport extra large frames out of the window.

       Everyone gets involved and we have a bit of a laugh.

       Even the guys on the fifth floor get in on the act.

       And that's framing.

       My buddy Micha rides his motorbike in the warmer months.