January 8, 2012


       My pal Sylvio, one of the carpenters from work, bought me a ticket to see
       his beloved 1. FC Union. It was my first round-ball football experience.

       The atmosphere on approach to the ground was very jovial.
       I've always loved home-made merch, and this guy's patch jacket made my day.

       In the stands before the game.

       The whole stadium was very much a friendly atmosphere.
       This stadium, Union's home ground, was built entirely by the fans who donated
       their labour and building skills for the project.

       I didn't really understand the design features of these sunglasses, but they did have
       a lot of charm. Perhaps the idea is that the wearer constantly looks like their
       identity is being concealed, like in court drawings of underage offenders.

       Sylvio watching the action with intent.
       Union won 4-1, and showed their respect to the home crowd in the form of a
       kind of jig, which everyone responded to with unbridled adulation.
       Thanks Sylvio for a sensational day out.