January 15, 2012

       Assorted images.

       Here are a variety of photos from September '10 to September '11.
       For one reason or another they didn't make it in regular posts.

       These are the flowers I jammed into my neighbour's letterbox in Friedenau,
       to say thank you for letting me use her wireless internet.

       James, bathed in the beautiful light of the early evening on the balcony
       at mine and Sheena's last apartment in Berlin, in Prenzlauer Berg.

       Sheena on the same balcony on a different day.

       Nearing the end of my trip, I gathered all my loose change and tried
       as best I could to spend it around town. Not everyone was happy about it.

       Entrance to Frankfurter Tor U-Bhf in winter.

       Snowflakes falling.

 The above two buildings brightened my day every time I'd walk past them near work.

 View from a couch.

       Schönleinstraße U-Bhf, New Year's Day 2011.

       A souvenir from my New Year's Eve partying.

 A view from the inside of my flat in Friedrichshain.

 Religious discrimination in Charlottenburg.

       What a beautiful window. This in the bedroom of my friend Henrike Meyer's
       place in Neukölln.

       The future, in a pipe.

       Sheena,  in front of a pipe.

       The cinema in Friedenau.

       A portion of the side of a truck.

       Kreuzberg, near Anhalter Bahnhof.

       Vox pop on Kotti.

       Summer rain.

       Electrelane. A comeback, and such an awesome gig.

 Hairdresser's in Friedenau.

       A suspect looking Dan Moynihan.

       A lesbian wedding. When, oh when, will Australia get with the times?

 Two tapestries at the flea market at Rathaus Schöneberg.

My sweet friend from Japan, Yu Ishikawa.

 Guerilla gardening in Friedrichshain. 
I came back two days later and the plant was gone.

       Nice and colourful semi-trailer on Frankfurter Allee.

       Nice set of lights at Humboldt Universität.

       Guido W. Baudach Gallery.

 Winter on the Ringbahn.

 Two paintings I really like from the artist Franziska Goes, 
shown at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien.

       The best thing about winter, blood oranges. And cheap too.

       The incandescent Laila Sakini and James Eisen.

       An awesome video by Canadian artist Mark Soo at Johann König Berlin.

       Adidas Copa Mundial. Berlin: €85; Melbourne: $220.

 Mikey Kutschbach introducing his son Pelle to the other beautiful game.

       Sheena outside the place for buddies.