December 28, 2011

       Family Holiday, July, Part 2: Toulouse & Figeac

       Driving to Figeac to see the Tour de France. 

       Sheenie texting her dad in Melbourne to look out for her on the TV.

       We got to our vantage point with hours to spare, so then hung around and waited.

       Stop shale gas.

       The procession of the Tour started.
       It's a parade of the sponsors throwing trinkets from moving vehicles.
       Jules was keen to get everything they threw at him.

       Sheenie wrote a message of support for her dad who cycles with the Tour
       in his lounge room.

       I wrote a message of support on Jules' chest for the North Melbourne
       football player, Majak Daw (

       I broke my five year no-maccas drought after the race.

       On the plane back to Paris.