September 4, 2011

19-27 June

Part 3: San Sebastian

       We were taking in the sunset when we noticed a bonfire burning to our left.

       It was the last day of the school year.
       Kids and parents alike celebrated the occasion by burning what was around,
       and rejoicing about the flames.

       This guy with the hose took great pleasure in spraying the shit out of the kids,
       water cannon-style, whilst everyone else had a good laugh.

       We went for a walk along the beach and saw the older school kids forming
       their own separate bonnies.

       We got closer and saw that they were using a their whole year's worth of
       exercise books and handouts as the fuel for the fires.

I picked up one of the sheets and this was what was on the front and back.

       The next day we went to the beach.

       Despite having by far the least amount of sick days taken, and the most
       overtime hours logged on any construction site in Spain, the erection of
       this foreshore fence which commenced in 1992 is yet to be completed.
       Interestingly, the building site has Spain's highest number of workplace accidents. 

       Views from below.

       View from above.

       We witnessed people enter the institution of marriage.

       Romantic truck.

       Back to Barcelona, Renfe-style.