August 7, 2011

       Bielefeld, May 21

 Seeing the sights of a mid-size German town.

 Time to leave and take a train to meet my car share driver. 

       Shortly before arriving at this stop, I asked the conductor when we'd be arriving
       at Badsalzuflen (my meeting point). She replied with a look of shock and told me
       that I was meant to change trains some four stops ago. 

       So I found myself here in Melle with no chance of making my ride, and having to
       go back to Bielefeld to try and find a new route back to Berlin.

        "Look kids, there's Big Ben, there's Parliament"

       I managed to get on to another car share that happened to be passing through 

       And I came home to fireworks at Berlin Hauptbahnhof.