April 27, 2011

        ANZAC DAY
       I spent yesterday morning listening to the football on the radio over the internet.
       It was a pretty good game, though it brought back memories of the classic
       '95 encounter.

       A sellout: gates closed at 1:30pm with over 94,000 inside.
       Nice view of the old Ponsford Stand.

       Micky McGuane.

       Goal umpires should still look like this. All class.

       I think the period of football of which people are most fond,
       is the one they experienced as a kid.
       The 90s were my period. When I first started going, it cost only $1.50 to go.
       I remember thinking at the time that if I ran away from home,
       I'd easily manage to come up with the money needed to see
       the mighty Kangas every week.
       Saverio Rocca about to line up for his 9th goal of the afternoon,
       and level the scores with 80 seconds to go.
       Keeping great company with The Kid and Longy.